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Daniel Stillman

New York, NY, United States

Designer (Product Design)

Member since May 10, 2007

  • Mobility: another video

    Community, Environmental Design

    traffic abatement in urban areas is a serious the video shows, cars move at 20km on average, whereas public transport can be 60km or higher...we need better public transport and congestion pricing to reduce traffic, and encourage pedestrians and bikers...traffic makes living and business harder...

  • 1_177_

    Click the links to learn more: Eco Air Boilers are far simpler to install than most other forms of renewable energy or conventional boilers. They do not require gas or oil connections, simply plumbing and electricity supply. Eco Air Boilers can connect to existing central heating and hot water systems with minimal disruption and without extensive building works, digging or scaffolding. As an MCS accredited installer all work will be carried out to the highest standards. The detail and plans for the installation will be handled by our trained team of assessors who will perform the initial, no obligation consultation. Our quote will be specific to your home having been built from schematics and heat charts to ensure the year round performance of your new renewable heat energy system. A standard installation should take no longer than a conventional boiler. The main heat pump unit is usually located outside. The Eco Air Boiler heat pump requires a good flow of air, so walls that face gardens or side passages are idea, with flat roofs also a good location. Through the use of our baffles system, the Eco Air Boiler has best in class noise standards, no more than a dishwasher and as part of the location process the impact of any noise will be minimised.Eco Air Boilers are often sited under bedroom widows without any disruption. In certain circumstancesEco Air Boilers can be located indoors, but they require ducting, which does increase the installation costs. All options will be discussed during our initial, no obligation consultation and confirmed through a quote after a site survey. Maximum benefits to your home are attained when the property has installed adequate insulation and heat saving measures such as loft or cavity wall insulation, double glazing and energy management systems. The absence of these measures does not preclude the use of heat pumps and the Eco Air Boiler but savings will be reduced and accessibility to grants and subsidies may be affected. Global Energy Systems can help with the provision of any of these measures if needed. For details of any restrictions on the installation of an Eco Air Boiler please contact us.

    As an MCS accredited manufacturer and installer of our own heat pumps, Global Energy Systems can provide a full assessment, specification and installation service, ensuring that your renewable energy solution is tailored to your needs.

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