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Daniel Stillman

New York, NY, United States

Designer (Product Design)

Member since May 10, 2007

  • Blast from the past!

    Environment, Industrial Design


    I was googling myself (who doesn't?!) and found this old post on apartment therapy from way back in the fall of 2007! There are more and better images of the product as it came to be at my partner Gary Palladino's website. I still believe that the footbike as a real place in urban culture. As I see the Union Square area growing and becoming more bike friendly, I'm also seeing a surge of scooters. The footbike as a bit of both...and has great promise for the urban landscape.

  • Mapping to Know

    Communication, Communication Design


    I posted this article on my blog a few days ago and wanted to share this graph here that I got from dubbery. This kind of strategy and positioning work is so important at the start of any project. We have to know where we are to understand where we can go. Read on here!

  • CMYK Event at Droog: Tasty

    Community, Communication Design


    For links and more detail, hit my wordpress blog

    On the 28th, Tasteologie, the test kitchen of Fork and Design put together CMYK Cocktail at Droog. It was a deeply, deeply enjoyable evening. It’s so rare to focus so cleanly and clearly on your senses…and what’s more, to decide if the green-colored cocktail you’re drinking tastes Blue, as the mixologist intended it to (it didn’t…sorry…it was very green tasting!). Tobias Wong’s clear cocktail that slowly turned red as the teabag infused the vodka and soda was a real revelation. It was a super-pleasurable meditation on color and taste.

    The Image is from the photobooth at the event where they tried to get us all to spell CMYK with our faces. Oh…and we all got dressed up in our favorite CMYK clothes. Good times. The presentations were amazing and the whole event left me looking forward to the next taste experience from this team.

  • Being Ecumenical: Dell Hymes

    Education, Communication Design


    I read Dell Hymes’ Obit today.

    What strikes me about his approach to Linguistics was that it was all about context. Language took place in a cultural context, not in a mathematical wonderland, as Chomsky would have you believe.

    Not to harsh on Noam, or anything.

    But the word ecumenical came up in the obit…meaning general in extent or application.

    Merriam-Webster tells us it comes from the Greek oikoumenē ,meaning the inhabited world.

    The first step to solving a problem is to look at where it happens. To go where the problem is. Have Empathy, as @whitneyhess said here. And using an ecumenical approach, use whatever tools you need. I think this is the best way to approach any issue...

  • So, I posted this to my wordpress blog but I thought I would put it up here with a different spin....

    The guy dancing here was dancing by himself pretty much for 10 minutes before this awesome dance party erupts around him. (it is in a different video)

    He was a innovator. A visionary. A leader without followers. But he stuck to his guns and his principles. And eventually things really changed for the better.

  • Rethinking Green

    Environment, Industrial Design

    Continuum Design did a worthy study of real consumers and their feelings about green products. First, I'm impressed with the reported size and extent of the study - 7,000 people online plus an ethnography component. I'm also impressed that they are giving away a portion of their insights to the design community. Basically, these are some ideas that we've kicked around at Ecco Design. Consumers all say they care about the environment when asked, but usually they act with their pocketbooks in mind. The environment is "out there" and easy easily forgotten. Connecting with ideas of immediate health, frugality and direct environmental benefit (less trash, easier recycling) connect more directly with consumers than mere energy efficiency, water usage or an abstract idea about "sustainability".

  • Ruining Space, too?!

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Space_junk_177_'s true. We've been warned.

  • Compost Modern

    Environment, Industrial Design

    If you have tons of time, read all the posts on Core77 about this conference...Really eye opening stuff.

    I especially liked Allan Chochinov's rules:

    1. Acknowledge privilege: Being a designer does not give you the right to be a CRAP maker
    2. Use the word "consequence": Talk about the implications of your actions
    3. Question authority: Don't wait for permission
    4. Surround yourself with the awesomest people you can: Go to parties, drink wine, make friends
    5. Don't play fair: If making something gorgeous will get your clients on board, do it
    6. Be intentionally dumb: Start with the most obvious and ridiculous solutions
    7. Redistribute (then reduce reuse and recycle): Find materials that are already out there first
    8. Broaden your market: Think beyond your audience
    9. indulge discursive design: Do something that's wildly inappropriate 10 Talk to anyone who will listen: Get the word out much to do...

  • What Sustainable Means: Don't make things worse?

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Nathan Shedroff is clearly a powerhouse of Design. I enjoyed reading this post on Core77 today...but I don't think I like this idea:

    And what does sustainability really mean? In 1987 it meant: "Use and development that meets today's needs without preventing those needs from being met by future generations." But today, Shedroff thinks it means "Don't do things today that make tomorrow worse." And if you have more stubborn people you have to convince, add "...for your kids."

    If the bar is set to "don't make things worse" how will anything get better? It may be a fantasy of Cradle to Cradle that shoes can sow seeds as they break down, or concrete can clean the air, but we need to think of things that do more than keep the status quo. As Dr. Horrible said: the status is NOT quo.

  • Landfill Awards 2009: stick a motor in it.

    Environment, Industrial Design


    I heard this on the BBC World Service this morning...the 2009 Landfill Awards are out!

    The list is a lighthearted gathering of generally evil, wasteful devices. I take some issue at the Prius being on this list - it might not be as good as biking, but it's a step in the right direction for cars.

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