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Marie-Michele Jasmin-Belisle

Corrales (born in Montreal, Canada), New Mexico, United States

Designer (film)

Member since May 22, 2009

I live & work between New Mexico and California, aim to bring beauty and light through the moving image in lounge settings & spirit-warrior documentaries, indigenous issues as well as art videos for the amazing bands (esp. hiphop), visual artists and contemporary dancers I am blessed to work with ... [ more ]

I graduated with a BFA in Pluridisciplinary Arts in Montreal; shortly after created my tag of '8:51 art design nouveau cinema' and have been freelancing as a 'film artist' (dare i say ?) since... waxing poetics with my vintage Nikormate and my tiny iPhone, styling mythical characters in desert lands for my video pieces ...

I thrive between industrial lofts and old adobe walls in the wild world of indigenous music videos, dance films, contemporary documentaries for indigenous revolutionaries, as well as video projection loops for events.

My biggest project to date has been to direct and shoot 'The Longest Walk', a documentary film based on 120 hours of footage taken throughout the 5 months it took to walk across the U.S.A. The Walk was first done in 1978 and led by the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.) in protest of 11 Bills that were to be passed in Congress, denying Native people more of their land and health rights. Many celebrity supporters joined them, from Marlon Brando to Stevie Wonder, Muhammed Ali and Senator Ted Kennedy. As the Longest Walkers marched into Washington D.C., after a 5 month walk through the country (starting at Alcatraz Island), Congress dropped every single bill and also enacted the Native American Religious Freedom Act.

30 years later, we performed the same exploit. From February 11, 2008 to July 11, 2008, we marched on the steps of our predecessors in an all-nations, all tribes march across the country, again from Alcatraz to D.C. This time we did it for the Earth, raising awareness throughout the country of the environmental issues going on, the abuse of land on several reservations and sacred sites, and summarized some of the most pressing issues into a Manifesto, which was delievered to Congress in front of hundreds of journalists and thousands of supporters on July 11th, 2008.

Some of the highlighted points included the uranium mining in the Grand Canyon (Havasupai tribe), the ski resort planned on the sacred San Francisco Peaks (Navajo tribe, amongst others) and the Dooda Desert Rock mining plant project on New Mexican soil. A 'Clean Up Mother Earth' campaign was also conducted throughout the walk and over 10,000 bags of garbage were picked up from the side of the highways and roads on which we walked.

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The Nowa Cumig Institute, a NPO working to preserve and share the values and traditions of the Native people of America, as well as foster cultural exchanges with Japan.

I have been working for the Nowa Cumig Institute as their appointed filmmaker.

Social revolution through the cinematic eye

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