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Regina Gallo

Torrecuso (Bn), Italy

Member since May 15, 2009

A new association has been set up for all those people who share the common idea that a fundamental part of the formation of each single person is the knowledge and awareness of the various disperate components that make up that complex system we call "mankind". The legal office of the association "B.R.I.O. Brillanti realtà in osservazione" is in the town of Calvi (Benevento) and there are also two branches of the association, one in Naples and the other in Termoli (Campobasso). The aim of the association is to bring together individuals and institutions that would like to operate in the fields usually associated with general cultural activities working to promote the cultural and artistic aspects to be found in our society. This involves promoting exhibitions and other promotional activities in socially beneficial and cultural projects. The main aim is to actively promote different types of what we usually refer to as "culture" and various different expressive "languages". Defining, revealing, popularising, bringing together these differences B.R.I.O. hopes to show how diversity is a social, cultural and above all a human resource. Being able to relate to what is culturally different from us is a fundamental condition of being human. This is true to a greater degree than we usually realize. The purpose of B.R.I.O. is to act as a meeting place, tracing cultural interests whose social function is to help human and civil development through a continuous dynamic process of education. The associations main calling is to set up a documentary data base, both photographis and video, and is obviously close to both Visual Anthropology and Applied Anthropolgy. The association is no-profit and intends to work towards a wider diffusion of "cultures". It was set up in November 2007 and focuses on the utilisation of local environmental resources and cultural heritage, and also as a support to scientific research as well as a promoter of cultural topics. In order to achieve this the association aims at bringing together various intellectual and academic ideas to promote cultural and academic research. The B.R.I.O: project has come about to re-consider and systematically gather together all that is a bearer of uniqueness in places and people,. and also intends to stand out and be able to attract resources and funding and to promote eco-compatible post-modernisation, starting from the local and expanding out to the global, and/or viceversa. The Association has a strong internationalist vocation and is committed to work towards the creation of a wide network aimed to share ideas and projects with other agencies, in Italy, Europe and other parts of the World. We believe that, by using image - just as with music - we can communicate at a more profound level; B.R.I.O. aspires to be an experience in the life of its members and of its near and distant friends which is not just marginal, but one that can leave a mark in time. B.R.I.O. wishes to breathe new life into the way we understand "cultures".

Associazione Culturale B.R.I.O. Brillanti realtà in osservazione

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