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Ray Griffin

LA, CA, United States

Member since November 12, 2013

  • Medicare-fraud_177_

    TAMPA — Four men set up four bogus medical clinics in Tampa.

    They pay Medicare clients who allow the clinics to bill Medicare HMO insurance providers in their names for vein procedures they never undergo. Each clinic submits a separate bill for each patient, submitting multiple claims for the same procedures on the same individuals at the same time.

    The scam went on for more than three years. Collectively, the men were able to steal more than $2.5 million from federal taxpayers.

    They are part of a massive industry of cheats who have become a top priority for federal investigators who say they're concerned not only with the money being taken but also with the threat posed to public health by some of the schemes. In one of the cases, patients who need expensive intravenous drugs were given saline solution instead while the bad guys pocketed insurance payments for the drugs.

    Healthcare fraud is estimated to cost the country $80 billion a year, and it's growing, according to the FBI and Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.

    And healthcare fraud prosecutions are on the rise nationwide, according to a recent report from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, which tallied prosecutions brought under a specific Healthcare Fraud statute and found 366 cases last year, a 3 percent increase over the previous year.

    In the Tampa area, the number of cases has fluctuated from year to year and was down in 2013, but officials anticipate ...

  • The Avanti Law Group: West Michigan Attorneys

    Community, Communication Design

    Attorneys Protecting Your Rights in the State of Michigan, Throughout the United States, and Internationally

    We are a full service litigation firm offering exceptional legal representation to our clients. Our accomplished attorneys represent a diverse clientele of businesses and individuals in a full range of interdisciplinary legal services throughout the State of Michigan, throughout the United States and internationally, including class action litigation, criminal defense, immigration, business law, family law, labor and employment, wage and hour, civil litigation, personal injury and more. Our attorneys are recognized as leaders not only in the legal profession but also in the communities where they live and serve.

    We Are Experienced Negotiators and Trial Lawyers

    If you have a legal problem, you want a team of experienced and creative attorneys who know how to protect your rights. We take a hard-nosed approach to fighting for you or your business’ best interests and rights. Our knack for finding creative solutions to complex challenges has been the primary strengths of our firm since its founding. We leverage our negotiation and litigation skills to be powerful advocates for our clients in all our varied areas of practices. We vigorously pursue relief for our clients and leave no stone unturned in our effort to achieve the best possible results for each client we serve. If that cannot be accomplished, we take your case to trial to fight for your rights. As experienced ...

  • Source Link

    The days when ambitious teens could get jobs sweeping factory floors, stocking shelves or working checkouts in the school holidays, appear to be ending.

    Dunedin recruitment agencies say secondary school pupils looking for the traditional summer holiday job may be out of luck this year.

    Select Recruitment managing director Karen Bardwell said the company had a couple of clients with job vacancies which would suit school leavers, but there was nothing for those wanting short-term jobs over the school holidays.

    ''Going back a few years, we would have had about a dozen jobs suitable for secondary school students over the summer, but those seem to have dried up.''

    There were ''temping jobs'' where secondary school pupils could be assigned a different job at a different business every day of the week.

    Some days they could be working, and on other days there might be no work and no pay, she said.

    Job Opportunities

    She said it was good for school pupils to have traditional holiday jobs because it prepared them for the workforce by giving them work experience and a good work ethic.

    ''Since the economic downturn, there has been less holiday work. Companies are tightening their belts.''

    Ms Bardwell said supermarkets used to be one of the best businesses for employing school pupils in the holidays, but had dried up as a source of those opportunities.

    ''I was surprised that not even supermarkets are giving as much work to school students now. They are more focused o...

  • About The Avanti Group LLC

    Community, Communication Design

    Jay Gennaro, Founder and Principal, brings over thirteen years of recruiting and leadership experience to his role as Principal of Avanti Group. Jay oversees all business development and recruiting efforts for the firm. Prior to founding Avanti Group, he held Director Positions with a successful regional search firm and a publicly traded national recruiting company. Jay earned increasing levels of responsibility throughout his career and has developed an extensive professional network. He has successfully completed direct-hire and contract search assignments for the accounting, finance and information technology departments of many of the premier employers in the market. His clients range from small high-growth companies to multi-billion dollar organizations.

    Jay believes the key to his success is his ability to build effective relationships. “My role as a recruiting partner is not only to make placements but to be a trusted confidant and adviser. Every one of our clients and candidates are unique and we strive to truly partner with them. I pride myself on the fact that I am contacted regularly by candidates and clients that I met over a decade ago.”

    Jay is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Degree in Economics and a Minor in Business. He and his wife live in Arlington, VA.

    Contact Jay directly at:



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