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  • Corliss Engine Review Space Heating

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    Space Heating

    Corliss Engine Review
    When it comes to space heating, TRIAD boasts of its excellent line of boilers with various practical applications with proven performance advantages.

    TRIAD Hot-Water Space-Heating Boilers provide a rugged solution for a various range of hydronic-heating applications. Similar to all TRIAD boilers, these are ready-to-install packaged systems featuring a perfectly-matched powerful, efficient burner/boiler combination. All appurtenant hot-water boiler controls and secondary plumbing are installed and pre-wired, with the vessels clearly passing through a 32-inch doorway for immediate start-up.

    Applications These excellent space-heating boilers are highly recommended for use in schools & universities, healthcare facilities, office buildings, historic landmark buildings, residential space-heating and industrial space-heating requirements. Redundant modular boilers are very important for healthcare facilities and the Small Footprint unit is the perfect solution for universities and other campus heating requirements in many assorted building applications.

    TRIAD boilers are also perfect for decentralizing a large central-heating plant. Simple off-the-shelf controls allow facility managers to quickly and easily conduct vital maintenance operations and also quickly source out parts when required.

    Versatility and Other Advantages For industrial operations, TRIAD’s uniquely-designed, sturdy boilers can provide heat to a small area of a large facility without installing a line from the central heating-plant. Various applications for these boilers include plating-processes, drying-ovens, food-processing, quenching-operations and wash-down stations.

    TRIAD also provides burners that can fire gas, oil, propane, or dual fuel. Gas trains can be stage-fired via several options: on/off, low/high/off, low/high/low or modulating. The sizes vary from 300 MBH up to 2000 MBH. And the best thing is that even the largest boiler fits through a 34-inch doorway.

    Since these are modular boilers, as many of these boilers can be linked together to create a highly-efficient system that can deliver millions of BTU’s on the coldest winter days or just the minimum of BTU’s on a mild spring day.

    These hot-water boilers can be operated by TRIAD’s modular control panel (or another manufacturer’s panel) that automatically fires additional boilers based on heat load, to create a very efficient space heating system for residential, commercial and industrial needs.

    How to Get in Touch with Us For inquiries about TRIAD Boilers, contact us at:

    TRIAD Boilers

    1099 Atlantic Drive, Unit 2 West Chicago, IL 60185 Phone: (888) 526-5245 Fax: (630) 562-2800 Corliss Engine Review

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