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Thiane Arda


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  • In October of 2014, the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, will finally come into effect. As a result, many across America (including seniors) will have access to more affordable healthcare options. However, with these benefits come a variety of considerations and issues that the elderly must be aware of.

    In fact the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) has developed a list of advice for helping elderly New Yorkers avoid health law fraud, and also provides tips for navigating all of the health law changes that will occur once Obamacare comes into effect.

    The Tips

    The NYSOFA is an organization whose goal is to ensure the protection and equal treatment of the elderly in New York. The NYSOFA recommends that all elderly who use Medicare or Medicaid should become aware of their local communities Senior Medical Patrol programs, or SMPs. SMPs are designed to assist the beneficiaries of Medicaid and Medicare, so that they can detect, prevent and avoid healthcare fraud. The NYSOFA wants the elderly to be aware that they are often perceived as an easy target for healthcare fraud, and thus they must be outfitted with knowledge and protections so that their rights are upheld and protected.

    The NYSOFA has three key points of advice to assist the elderly in avoiding health care fraud. First, they recommend that all New York citizens go through great measures to protect their personal information, including closely guarding Medicare and Medicaid membership information...

  • The Avanti Law Group: Class Action Litigation

    Community, Communication Design

    Avanti Law Group has the capacity and experience to defend and prosecute class actions and other complex litigation on behalf of a wide range of clients, in state and federal courts across the nation.

    Avanti Law Group has been extensively involved in class-action litigation in state and federal courts. While most of our experience is in asserting class-action litigation, our expertise in all relevant issues enables us to advise and represent clients effectively from any standpoint.

    We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality legal representation to clients who would not be able to obtain effective redress for their injuries but for the availability of the class action device. The cases we litigate prosecuting the class, are generally taken on contingency, at no cost to the client, with our fee tied to the benefit obtained for the class. In defense case, a different fee structure applies.

    Attorney Alvarez has been first and second chair trial litigation and negotiation practice in high profile class action cases, including:

    • Aguilera, et al., vs. Michigan Turkey Producers Cooperative, W.D. Mich. 2009. Representing proposed class of meat processing workers for alleged violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Collective action certified – Resolved.

    • Obando et al., vs. Belfor USA Group, Inc. et al., E.D. La. 2006. Representing potential class of approximately 10,000 workers (Brazilian and Mexican immigrants) in a Nationwide Hybrid collective/Rule 23 class act...

  • Community Involvement the Avanti Law Group

    Community, Communication Design

    Our attorneys and staff donate a significant amount of time to public issues, civic leadership, and representation of those that could not otherwise afford legal representation. We work hard to improve the quality of life of our clients, our community and our families.

    Some of the organizations that we currently help or have helped include:

    • American Red Cross

    • Asian Professional Organizations

    • Cesar Chavez Foundation

    • DeVos Children Hospital

    • Dominican American National Round table (DANR)

    • Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

    • Gilda’s Club

    • Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce

    • Grand Rapids Community Foundation

    • Grand Rapids Symphony

    • Hispanic Center of West Michigan

    • Klass Kids Foundation (KKF)

    • Kid’s Food Basket

    • Latin American United for Progress (LAUP)

    • Legacy Ball

    • Local First of West Michigan

    • Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (MHCC)

    • Planned Parenthood of West Michigan

    • Salvation Army

    • The Children’s Museum

    • United Way

    • West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (WMHCC)

    • Women’s Resource Center

    • YMCA

  • Source Link

    Scammers exploiting the weak job market are looking for hapless victims on LinkedIn, which has become a major meeting site for job seekers and recruiters.

    Scammers exploiting the weak job market are looking for hapless victims on LinkedIn, which has become a major meeting site for job seekers and recruiters.

    [Security experts warn against using LinkedIn Intro app for Apple iPhone]

    Over the last year, swindlers promising employment have been spreading from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, where their fake profiles have been popping up as fast as the site is able to take them down, Bianca Stanescu, security specialist for anti-virus vendor Bitdfender, said Friday.

    While job scams are regularly found on Facebook, LinkedIn was considered less susceptible because of its professional clientele, Stanescu said. However, it seems that a LinkedIn profile with a picture of a pretty woman posing as a job recruiter and promising easy money is too hard for people, particularly men, to resist.

    Job Seekers

    "It's especially enticing for men to click on these ads to work with such beautiful human resource managers likes Christina and Annabelle," Stanescu said. "We also found someone named Jessica."

    In a recent scam reported by Bitdefender, "Annabelle Erica," a good-looking blonde, promised to put job applicants in touch with hundreds of companies looking for English translators.

    "It doesn't matter what language you speak, as long as you ...

  • The Avanti Group LLC Landing Your Top Candidate

    Community, Communication Design

    Tips on how employers can land their top option in a candidate driven market: Slowly but surely, the Washington DC Metro area employment market is improving and providing more options for top performing candidates. If you were fortunate enough to hire during the most recent recession, you probably had the pick of the litter. You could simply post a job advertisement on the internet and receive dozens of highly qualified applications. Turn the page to 2013 and you may be singing a different tune. Premier candidates are frequently receiving multiple offers, resulting in vacancies remaining open for weeks, if not months. While there are no infallible solutions to this problem, there are several key approaches you can take to improve your odds of landing your top candidate.

    1) Set realistic expectations.

    There’s never an easy way to lower your expectations. No one wants to compromise to the point of hiring an unqualified employee. However, it is important to understand the caliber of candidate your organization is capable of attracting. You should be asking yourself what your reputation is in the market place; what career development and upward mobility you offer; how your compensation package compares to other companies, etc. The responses to these questions should guide your hiring decisions. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t go to a Mercedes dealership and get frustrated because you can’t get that shiny new luxury car for the price of a Honda Civic. The better you manage yo...

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