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2-B-2 Architecture

Nikolaev, Ukraine

Designer (Product Design)

Member since April 27, 2009

  • Audiosystem concept



    What do people choose? The beautiful form or the perfect sounding? They choose an emotion! The project represents a line from three series of the compact audiosystems 2+1 almost identical under the form, but absolutely different under the contents. The common form is constructed on the basis of a circle and a square - people know and identificate this primitives many hundred years. Therefore its make a fast recognition of product among analogues. Prominent feature of each of series not only a technical stuffing, but also applied materials: a wood, concrete, plastic in a combination to stainless steel. WOoOD - a series in the wooden case. Wood - one of the warmest and harmless materials, is easily processed, the fine acoustic material is very pleasant to the touch, besides. Pillbox - a brutal series in the case from the polished concrete. Concrete - a dominating material in architecture owing to the durability, profitability and the invoice{texture}. As concrete in the given situation - a material nonconventional, technics{technical equipment} in an audiosystem specific. Tagetes - a series in the case from plastic. The polished plastic is absolutely other tactile sensations, color and, certainly, a sound. So, we receive a triad of feelings - hearing, sight and tactile sensations.

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