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2-B-2 Architecture

Nikolaev, Ukraine

Designer (Product Design)

Member since April 27, 2009

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    Some things have unpleasant feature. They somehow somewhere disappear, vanish or are simply lost. Good things are more often subject to this illness. It is hard to struggle with it... Ideas in this sense differ from things a little. We search, we lose, we come back and again we search.

    The modern mixer represents a hi-tech pipe with the tap. Shapebuilding of the mixer it is caused by proportions, a relative positioning of components and technologies. In such design the form beginning (the mixer basis) and its end (directly pipe from which water arrives) is clearly read. This mixer is designed so that water visually continued movement in a ring.

  • Audiosystem concept



    What do people choose? The beautiful form or the perfect sounding? They choose an emotion! The project represents a line from three series of the compact audiosystems 2+1 almost identical under the form, but absolutely different under the contents. The common form is constructed on the basis of a circle and a square - people know and identificate this primitives many hundred years. Therefore its make a fast recognition of product among analogues. Prominent feature of each of series not only a technical stuffing, but also applied materials: a wood, concrete, plastic in a combination to stainless steel. WOoOD - a series in the wooden case. Wood - one of the warmest and harmless materials, is easily processed, the fine acoustic material is very pleasant to the touch, besides. Pillbox - a brutal series in the case from the polished concrete. Concrete - a dominating material in architecture owing to the durability, profitability and the invoice{texture}. As concrete in the given situation - a material nonconventional, technics{technical equipment} in an audiosystem specific. Tagetes - a series in the case from plastic. The polished plastic is absolutely other tactile sensations, color and, certainly, a sound. So, we receive a triad of feelings - hearing, sight and tactile sensations.