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Manila, Philippines

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since May 22, 2007

  • Love It!


    Hey, very nice choice! Congratulations to the 802 design team! Simple and elegant.

    Though the symbols/concept isn't new, it manages to be fresh. I love how it also means translation the oral stories to visual, as seen in the 4th slide application. Though I haven't seen all 1600+ entries, it is similar to one entry that is one of my top ten favorites (I can't find it now, would've been great to link to it ) that enabled the logo to interact with the other elements of the material, also by framing.

    It's a shame the team can't be compensated; heavy media exposure maybe? It would be great if the 5,000 prize gets split between your group and a choice from the 145 finalists.

    bluesea, interesting point about how it also implies skewing of intent and meaning.

    Good luck with the festival.

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