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  • Requirements for Boiler Installation Rooms

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    Requirements for Boiler Installation Rooms Notes on the installation of boilers and boiler house components 1 General This technical information describes the requirements for boiler installation rooms and contains notes on the installation of boilers and boiler house components for steam, superheated steam, warm and hot water boiler systems. It is intended to provide assistance to planners of installation rooms and buildings. All the relevant national and local regulations and applicable standards should also be followed. 2 Basic requirements for the installation room The following basically requirements for the boiler room must be met: • The boiler system may only be installed in a room that meets the local regulations for the installation of boiler systems. • The installation room must be kept clean and free from dust and dripping water. The inside temperature must be between 5°C and 40°C. If the air contains salt (proximity to the sea), the maintenance intervals of the boiler system may be shortened. • Unauthorised persons must be forbidden to access the boiler room through permanent, clearly visible notices. • Depending on the boiler parameters(water content, pressure, capacity), less strict installation or supervisory regulations may be applicable, depending on the national regulations. • Sound insulation requirements must be met in accordance with local regulations. • The control cabinets must be installed in such a way that no vibrations or shaking of...