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Elza Cormier


Member since October 28, 2013 is your one stop source for information on arthritis that affects the feet. This common type of arthritis is usually referred to osteoarthritis. It can be felt in the feet and ankles arising from injuries such as fractures and sprains and long term stress. Based on studies and statistics gathered by the Arthritis Foundation, about one-half of individuals in the US who are aged in their sixties and seventies are experiencing arthritis foot pain. In foot arthritis, you will find that the cartilage between the bones at your essential joints at the foot erodes away. Therefore, your bones grind against each other, causing much pain and swelling. Quite frequently osteoarthritis likewise causes weakening of the cartilage at the base of your big toe. A bony friction then establishes at the joint there, followed with discomfort and lessened movement of the joint. At, we gather the most useful information and resources that help you manage your arthritis in feet. Find out more on the symptoms and treatment of arthritis in feet and prevent further deterioration of your arthritis condition by knowing the factors that worsen your condition. Bookmark now and visit us for the latest articles, updates and information on arthritis in feet. Arthritis in feet Arthritis in feet Arthritis symptoms