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Tony Grob

Seattle, WA , United States

Designer (video)

Member since March 30, 2009

  • Using crowd-sourcing & a social media strategy to create change

    Communication, Communication Design

    As we all work to better understand and integrate social media and social networking into our client's communications strategies and plans, we are also looking for data and case-studies that demonstrate success and illuminate failures. We recently read about an outstanding example of success created by OgilyOne for a Greek candy client. The campaign story told a crowd-sourced tale of romance. Through an effective social media strategy they developed a huge audience that became very engaged with the content - enough so to support a television broadcast of the final story.

    I imagine organizations beginning to use this model, and other, to selectively crowd-source stories around a particular issue. Then taking the audience and growing it through a well-designed strategy that deepens their engagement and connection with the issue/story. And finally gives that new audience a way to collectively express their voice to an even larger audience. Does anyone know of existing examples of this being done effectively?

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