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Jennifer Nichols


Communication Designer

Member since May 22, 2007

  • Recomposing at Compostmodern 2011

    Community, Communication Design


    I am leaving rainy Vancouver for sunny San Francisco to immerse myself in a heap of creative thinkers at Compostmodern 2011 - a conference about design and sustainability.

    Other than the bonus weather I am excited to attend because, in my work life, I am typically the only communication designer in boardrooms and teleconference calls stacked with sustainability planners, climate change program managers and environmental coordinators. This weekend I can schmooze with a crew that will probably relate more to the ‘postmodern’ aspect of the conference than the ‘compost’.

    Don’t get me wrong, most designers get waste-reduction but what I hope to explore at this event is more than the well-worn language around material use. I believe we creative professionals are recomposing the discussion of managing intensities of waste; into the realm of critiquing and creating better systems of practice.

    My travel partner Lisa Hemingway, creative consultant, and principal of Backyard Creative plans to go with an open mind and without preconceived goals, “I want to be really present,” she says to me, “to really hear what is going on.”

    The second day’s un-conference is a set up for this kind of learning and sharing. The un-conference is a half-day session emphasizing dialogue and open discussion where attendees will be able to propose topics about which they are passionate and curious. It’s also a chance to met with leaders in the field, push boundaries and have some fun.

    This year’s Compostmodern will explore the current and future potential for ecologically sustainable growth and responsible design, focusing on real-world solutions and practical applications of design thinking. It is presented by the San Francisco Chapter of AIGA.

  • thank you Jen for being a fantastic travel-buddy and keeping me up to date on all the goings on! fantastic weekend - thank you to AIGA SF and the whole CompostModern team. Well done.

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