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Diana Hickburn

United States

Member since October 23, 2013

  • Alti Meter Group International Research: Research Agenda

    Communication, Communication Design


    Q3 2013

    Defining and Mapping Native Advertising by Rebecca Lieb Coverage Area: Advertising, Media, Content

    Everyone’s talking about native advertising, but the market has yet to coalesce around a single definition or understand how it differs from existing models like advertorials or branded/sponsored content. Based on interviews with brands, agencies, and domain experts, this report will provide a market definition of native advertising, with benefits, best practices, and challenges, as well as provide a taxonomy of product offerings from social platforms, technology vendors and publishers.

    Social Media Education: How Companies Reduce Risk and Activate Employee Advocacy by Charlene Li Coverage Area: Social Business, Dynamic Organization

    Employees across the enterprise are participating in social media, both personally and professionally. To reduce risk and activate employee advocacy, companies need to approach social media training and education strategically. This report will provide a four-tier approach to social media education for: 1) risk mitigation, 2) practitioner best practices, 3) employee activation, and 4) executive engagement.

    Q4 2013

    Vendor Overview: Content Marketing Software by Rebecca Lieb Coverage Area: Content Marketing, MEcosystem

    As content marketing and content strategy grow in importance and adoption, a plethora of tools and technologies have appeared to help store, manage, share, curate, aggregate, produce, publish and syndicate conten...

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  • Communication Design
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