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  • Traveling for work can be fraught with delays, mechanical difficulties, and missed connections as a new study by the Global Business Travel Association recently found. Here are some tips from one association professional and travel pro to help make your next trip go as smooth as possible.

    For anyone who’s traveled this winter, you’ve probably experienced at least one travel delay due to the weather and realized what a headache that can be.

    For business travelers, weather-related delays were the most frequently reported issues disrupting travel last year, according to a recently released study by the Global Business Travel Association. Other frequent travel issues included delayed departures, airplane mechanical issues or late plane arrivals, and missing a connecting flight.

    The study also found that 75 percent of business travelers had encountered a mishap while traveling over the last year.

    While pretty much nothing can help alleviate the pain of weather delays, here’s some travel advice from seasoned traveler and association professional Lowell Aplebaum, CAE, senior director, membership and professional development, at the Society for Neuroscience, who up until this year was on the road three out of every four weeks a month.

    What was a top concern or pet peeve when you were traveling so frequently?

    Once you travel a lot you get your routine down: How soon you need to get to the airport, how much time you need for security, where you need to go after security to ...

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