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Kay Stoner

Bolton, MA, United States

Information Architect/Designer

Member since May 22, 2007

I am a graphic artist and designer who incorporates esoteric and mystical traditions into mixed media works of art. I draw upon 30+ years of contemplative studies to inform my drawings and paintings and prints with aspects of sacred geometry, alchemy, mythology, feng shui, and earth-honoring spiritual practices. I believe that the art we see around us can -- and should -- be created with intention, to strengthen, support, and sustain the life that lives and breathes around it. Whether it's a painting which reinforces the original intention of an office's initial design, or it's a print which addresses energetic "gaps" in a room, or it's a drawing which strengthens lacking ch'i, the visual art we live and work around, day by day, has a profoundly powerful ability to impact our daily lives in subtle and mysterious ways.

I have been actively working with my art for over 20 years, as a support mechanism for instigating needed change in my life. Working with fractals on a PC, pastels and watercolor and colored pencils on paper, acrylics on canvasboard, and a variety of other materials on cardboard, I draw on my personal background in ecstatic Western mystical traditions to be the change I wish to see in the world. And it has worked! I have nearly 2 decades of success in the corporate arena under my belt, nine of those years being with a multinational financial services company, and at present with a highly successful business intelligence/social networking startup. I have created art in tandem with riding the internet wave of the 1990's and surviving the dotcom crash of the 00's; I have drawn and painted and colored my way through several dramatic life changes, transforming and transmuting my life -- and doubling my income several times over -- in the process. I have worked actively with art to incorporate inner energies with my external environment(s), and it has yielded fruits far beyond my expectations.

My present project is "Strange Bedfellows", a book of words and black-and-white artwork which narrates an epic, highly detailed dream I received in the early 1990's. Before its time and foreshadowing common-consciousness themes of environmental choice which consume the modern western world today, the dream told me the story of a well-to-do middle-class couple who were forced by circumstances (both within and beyond their control) to make different choices with their lives... and change their lifestyle in the process. I've spent the past 15 years, on and off, seeking the best way to retell this tale, and at last the story is ready. I'm in the final stages of finalizing the book, which is printed on-demand and will be available at my website, as well as through bookstores, on 17 November, 2007.

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Intentional art for interior spaces.

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