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scottie hoeppner

hessen, frankfurt, Germany


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    Deep Blue Company Group APIFLO-MH Series Boiler Room Pumps Related articles: deep blue group boiler feed pumps company, boiler room part of akay industries group 1 General

    ◇ APIFLO-MH series of pumps are horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps for handling boiler feed water or other various clean mild liquids. APIFLO-MH pumps are ofsingle casing type. ◇ Mechanical seals with cartridge design. ◇ Seal flushing and cooling plan according to the standard ofAPI 610 and API 682. ◇ Hydaulics design with wider high-efficiency region to esnsure pumps running efficiently under various conditions. ◇ Firststage impeller having high suction head increases the pump’s anti-cavitations ability. ◇ Axial thrusts are absorbed by the balance device combined by balance disk and balance drum, it is reliable and safe. ◇ Axial thrusts are mainly absorbed by balance device. The residual thrusts are absorbed by self-lubricated rolling bearings or forced lubricated sliding bearings. ◇ Suction casing, discharge casing, outer casing and stage casing can be made of forging. ◇ Designed focusing on end-users’ convenience maintenance.

    Deep Blue Pump Company, The company engaged in the manufacturing of international high quality centrifugal pumps to meet all requirements for the Water, Chemical, Petro-chemical and Nuclear industries!

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