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  • Since it is the flea saliva that cats are allergic to, this is optimum. Frontline Plus is the most appropriate drug to be used for on spot flea and tick protection. It is a shame because it is always best to support local business wherever possible. It not only helps in prevention of infestation but also kills adult fleas, its eggs and larvae. Of course, for Frontline Plus to be fully effective, at least 24 hours have to elapse since its application. It also repels biting flies and kills chewing lice. All of a sudden you notice a flea in her abdomen. Fleas are a terrible nuisance for your dog and if left untreated, flea infestation can pose serious health risks. The rabies virus is spread through the saliva of an infected animal (generally a wild animal such as a raccoon); however the disease is easily preventable with regular booster shots from the vet. If we use every six weeks or so then you may be ensuring it a much less expensive Frontline as you are to all intents and purposes cutting the asking price in half. Most of these collars can be worn for 30-60 days before they are no longer effective, which means that it is a long-term commitment. For the treatment of flea and tick there are many brands are available at a variety of locations. Perhaps, the reason behind this trend could be due to the friendly nature of these animals. In the United Kingdom pet owners need a prescription from their vet to purchase Frontline Combo (Frontline Plus), and the charge for such a presc...