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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Eco-Design Consultant

Member since January 29, 2009

I studied product design a few years back and part way through realised that there was a need for designers to be more responsive to the social and environmental impacts generated through the design decisions of mass produced products.

This lead to me completing a degree in social science and environment with the intention of marrying my design, social science and environmental skills so that I could work in the field of eco-design.

I have been an eco-design consultant for several years now, working with industry, designers, firms, government and consumers to find ways of integrating environmental considerations into the design process.

My background in research and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has resulted in me approaching eco-design from a holistic perspective, talking into consideration every stage of a products life to gain an in-depth understanding of how to reduce a products environmental implications through good design.

I am very passionate about seeing environmental considerations integrated into core design parameters so that products achieve their functionality with the least environmental impact as possible.

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Eco-design is simply good design

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