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Beatrice Stewart


Member since October 13, 2013

  • Duraturf Product Group Harver Magnetic Induction

    Community, Communication Design

    Product Description

    This company imports an innovative hot water heating system, which utilises Magnetic Induction for heating water. Currently this is available in 30L, 50L and 75L capacity, and is ideal for numerous application where hot water is required. The fact that it can be plugged into any power source with a 15amp plug makes it ideal as a portable unit for camper’s, or construction sites. The other advantage is that it used less power to heat water than a conventional geyser, and the heating time is a lot quicker.

    Product Information

    • NRCS Certified - SANS 60335-2-21 Eskom Tested.
    • 3 Year Warranty on manufacture and material defects.
    • There is no direct alternating current in close proximity to the water, which makes the unit safe.
    • New electronic temperature sensing technology is more accurate.
    • Multiple protection measures in place.

     Dry Brun  Overheat Protection  Low/High Voltage  Surge Protection

    • Safety T/P & Pressure valves supplied.
    • Easy to install - Saves space.
    • Only requires 15 AMP wall plug.

    Cost Saving

    The cost to heat 30 litres from ambient 16' to 65' is a total of R1.88. To heat a conventional 150l geyser from 16' to 65' takes aproximately two and a half hours and uses 8.78kw of electricity in the process, a cost of R11.88. To heat the same amount of water with the Harver will take approximately 1.5 hours and use 3kw of electricity.

    How it works

    Using a magnetic induction process the water is heated more rapidly than conventiona...

  • Capture_177_

    Water Heaters

    Split magnetic water heater has two parts: storage tank & generator unit • NCRS Certified • fitted Temperature/Pressure valve included • Includes Safety pressure valve • 15 Amp plug connection • 3 year warranty on manufacture & material defects


    Salient Features • Split magnetic induction water heating • High quality insulation • Stainless steel water storage unit • Attractive plastic housing material • Wall mounted installation • Capacity: 30L, 40L, 50L, 60L • Power range required : 2000 - 4000w • Voltage : 220v • Standard plumbing fitting • Class 2 safety rating (no transfers of AC to contents) • 15 Amp plug connection • No maintenance costsCan be installed at point of use

    How it works

    Using a magnetic induction process the water is heated more rapidly than conventional water geysers

    The electrical supply to the generator in the unit is converted into a magnetic field which heats the water

    There is no direct alternating current (AC) in close proximity to the water, which makes the unit safe

    The unit uses new temperature sensing technology that is more accurate

    The unit includes a high density thermal insulation layer, to sustain the water temperature

    Technical Aspects

    The unit has a Class 2 safety rating, the first of its kind in the word, primarily because there is NO transfer of alternating current (AC) into the water or the holding tank

    The risk of rupture of the geyser is eliminated as a bu...

  • Harver_group_logo_177_

    De harver Talent Pitch stelt u in staat om op zorgvuldige, efficiënte en objectieve wijze callcenter medewerkers te selecteren. De Talent Pitch meet op een wetenschappelijk gevalideerde wijze specifieke vaardigheden en competenties die van belang zijn voor callcenter medewerkers. Vaardigheden als taalvaardigheid, typevaardigheid en multitasking komen aan bod en vanuit onderzoek wordt er gekeken naar specifieke competentieprofielen voor uw callcenter.

    De Talent Pitch laat de kandidaat kennis maken met het werk binnen een callcenter door het doorlopen van drie telefoongesprekken. Daarnaast ontvangt de kandidaat informatie over het bedrijf en de werkzaamheden door een host die de kandidaat door het proces leidt. Dit stelt de kandidaat in staat om een weloverwogen beslissing te maken om daadwerkelijk te solliciteren.

    Alle kandidaten volgen hetzelfde proces wat resulteert in een matching score per kandidaat. Deze score vertelt u in hoeverre de kandidaat past bij uw gewenste profiel van callcenter medewerker en dient daarnaast als objectieve onderbouwing in de beslissing over desbetreffende kandidaat. Daarnaast zal de Talent Pitch u tot 90% tijd besparen in het selecteren van uw callcenter medewerkers.

    Benieuwd naar de Talent Pitch? Momenteel maakt Arvato, een groot callcenter, gebruik van de harver Talent Pitch. Bekijk de Arvato demo hieronder of klik voor meer informatie over de werking van de Talent Pitch.

  • Control over their own Careers

    Sustainable employability and labor are the center of attention in organizations in the Netherlands. Employees who continue to evolve and remains a main focus. Are your employees encouraged enough to develop? Do they have the means to take responsibility for their own career With Harver Mobility gives your employees the tools to take charge of their own development and careers.

    Understanding and Overview of the talent in Organizations

    The boat show will help you to understand the talent within your organization. Insight in a quick, structured and qualitative way The naval Harver can operate independently of your existing HR systems. Monitoring the progress of the chimney and signaling stagnation happen automatically. Your managers and employees can independently online and come to a full inspection report.

    A total solution for Managing Talent

    Workforce is managing talent in Inflow, develop ment, flow, and outflows


    Address: 93C Nieuwe Herengracht, Amsterdam 1011 RX

    Phone: 0031 20 2400 211



    You can park on the Nieuwe Herengracht, there is usually a spot available. If you can not find a place you can go to garage 'Markenhoven' at the Anne Frank Street 220.

  • Online Leadership Development

    Organizations struggle with the current changes. For many it is not easy to keep up the pace. This new business reality requires a new kind of leadership. But who exactly are your real leaders? And how skilled they are compared with those of other companies? What should you send to come? Their talent blossomed up With Harver Leadership give your managers and employees understand their own leadership style, strengths and development opportunities.

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  • Introducing_177_

    The power of Harver is that we are taking a fresh look at people and organizations. We combine expertise in HR, psychology, assessments and Service & User experience design in a team. From here designing and building innovative and user-friendly talent management tools that help individuals and organizations grow.

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