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Jeffey Cheng


Member since October 11, 2013

  • Adaptive systems have been invented to help shared business visions become realities. They allow people to create innovative ideas and programs which can readily adjust to changing conditions in the modern complex world.

    As Tyler Group’s website states: Successful companies make change work to their advantage, by perceiving it as a constant opportunity to improve their business. The firm’s goal then is to provide education and assistance to enhance an organization’s capacity to “plan and implement strategies that adapt with the moving dynamics of your business.”

    Achieving positive business results among a multitude of companies across various types of industries is Tyler Group’s focus in strategic planning.

    In terms of Workforce Development, Tyler Group sees to it that an organization acquires an in-depth comprehension of their people and their skills as the primary movers of organization’s profitability and success. Having the right people doing the suitable task is the key to achieving this goal. And it all, of course, starts with hiring the right people, training them and providing them with appropriate skills and compensating their work accordingly.

    Tyler Group’s focus is to assist organizations develop solutions and measures which do not merely achieve company goals but also to provide personal development for all personnel. The key is to keep the personnel always aware that the organization values their role, their skills and their valuable contributi...

  • 2013-10-09-croppedcruiseship_177_

    Top Tips From the World's Best Cruisers

    How do you choose the perfect cabin, make your own porthole, and never, ever get lost at sea? The winners of our World's Best Cruiser contest spill their time-tested cruising secrets.


    We recently asked readers to stake their claim to the title World's Best Cruiser. After 11,000 votes from BT readers, it was clear that Martha and Ken Wiseman of Romeoville, Ill., had made a watertight case: The retired educators have hit almost 350 ports on nearly 70 cruises in the past 38 years. "In 1973, we met a couple who had just gotten off a cruise," Martha says. "Our eyes lit up as they described it -- and we never looked back!"

    1. CHOOSE YOUR CABIN WISELY Choosing a cabin is all about location, location, location. Check the ship's layout online before booking, and opt for a room with passenger floors above and below you. You don't want to try to sleep right under the disco, the casino, or the running track.

    2. PACK SMARTLY Most cruise lines offer certain drinks for free -- juice, lemonade, iced tea, coffee, milk, tea -- but you'll have to pay for soda. If you're a caffeine addict, pack a bottle or two. Unlike on a plane, you won't have to worry about paying for the added weight.

    3. PLAN YOUR SCHEDULE For fire-safety reasons, cabins don't have their own irons. Don't wait until the last minute to tackle your evening wardrobe. You can find shared irons down the hall in the laundry room, but lines often form before mea...