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Prince Frederick von Saxe-Lauenberg

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium


Member since January 22, 2009

Prince Frederick aged 56, who is Founder President of Children of the World 2000 has been involved in peace activism since the early 80's. After leaving university the prince joined the family firm which was an import-export business and was also involved in publishing. His present work is amongst other things being a World Peace Emissary and is a Fellow of the International Institute of Peace Studies & Global Philosophy. He has a moral passion in serving the cause of peace and humanity. "I always have this saying in mind when I go out on my missions for peace: - ' Wars are the stains of shame which centuries will not wash away and we cannot redress the wrongdoings of mankind, what we can do is educate those who will one day inherit the earth from us and teach them the values of peace, universal understanding and the joy of global friendship.' "

Children of the World 2000 are initiating two Children's Peace Gardens one in Northern Ireland and the other in Pieria, Northern Greece. The Prime Minister of Ireland recognises and appreciates the work Prince Frederick has done for children in Northern Ireland. The Nobel Peace Laureates Lord Trimble, John Hume and Mairead Corrigan-Maguire are honoured to be working with the prince on the Children of the island of Ireland Peace Gardens initiative. Boutros Boutros Ghali former UN Secretary General described Prince Frederick as "committed, devoted, courageous and with conviction in his selfless pursuit of a greater peace in the world." Mr Koffi Annan a former UN Secretary General recognises the valuable work Children of the World 2000 has done for the world's children. The President also served as Patron of the Child Evangelical Fellowship (South Africa) and was nominated for an award in recognition of his work with children affected by AIDS/HIV.

Prince Frederick recently served on the Honorary Advisory Committee of the World Women’s Summit Foundation in Switzerland. Prince Frederick served as Patron and Goodwill Ambassador for the UK charity HOPE FOR CHILDREN for two years until 2006. His African interests are varied and he is Patron of the Ghanaian educational charity St. Patrick’s Academy in Western Ghana, Patron of the Educational Alliance of Africa and is a Trustee of the charity S.H.E. which provides medical supplies, school equipment and building materials to Nigeria and the poorer nations in Africa.

Children of the World 2000 was created as an active non-governmental-organisation in the late 1980's following the successful global fund raising campaign by the Band Aid Trust for Famine Relief in 1985/6.

The prince was one of a large team of fund raisers working for the International Red Cross – Red Crescent projects in the Sudan. "I decided to go into the business of famine relief following the shocking revelations coming out of Ethiopia that millions of children were starving and dying as a result of war and the actions of a government who couldn't care less. My aunt was terribly moved by this and sprung into action raising funds for the Ethiopian crisis in the Netherlands who was one of the first countries to react and come to the aid of those who cried for help.

"I had been born into privilege and had come from a comfortable home. The Ethiopian crisis changed the course of my life. Since then I have been advocating that those of us who have come from similar circumstances do their best and help to create a better world for the children of tomorrow." The prince was also an Honorary Co-Chair of the Inaugural World Creative Youth Forum which was held in the Philippines in May,2009. This event was heralded a qualified success by UNESCO.

"The Creative Forum's paramount objectives are to create climates of peace around the world eventually linking up, forming an unbreakable chain of communities who are all demanding peace and tranquillity wherever they are. I have heard this saying: Earth comes first, Mankind second. This is in response to many calls by children and young people to save our planet and the concern out there is very serious. In order to gain world peace we have to seriously attend to the matters surrounding the condition of Mother Earth. If she disintegrates then that will be the fault of mankind and we will have no home, no globe. The wars and other conflicts are seriously damaging the earth along with the environmental damage that humans are doing, so we have to educate and teach our children of today so that they will pass on the knowledge to their children and so on...... "I have received a calling from above to work with the children of the world who demand the attention of those in authority and a commitment from them to cooperate with them if they expect the world to be a safer place in the future." In 2004 Prince Frederick was appointed International Patron and a Goodwill Ambassador of Young Voices South Africa, an organisation committed to advancing the rights of children in Southern Africa through music. On January 12th 2010 the people of Haiti who suffered a terrible tragedy due to the effects of the earhtquake. In 35 or more seconds several hundred thousand had lost their lives and many more injured. Children of the World 2000 has offered to help with the re-building of the country. Prince Frederick has been appointed Patron of HAVSERVE (the Haiti Volunteer Service Network) that has been charged to develop an effective volunteer programme with the collaboration of global ngos like IAVE. The first major undertaking is the Lebrun Village Project including the Lady Geertruida Solar Powered School. The next world global youth event to be organised by ChildrenoftheWorld2000 and partners is yet to be decided.

Website: In respect for diversity lie the seeds of harmony. T.E.A.M is the motto of Children of the World 2000 Together Everyone Achieves More

Founder/President Children of the World 2000 Patron Havserve USA Patron SHE Africa Patron The Educational Alliance Africa Co-Chair Children of Greece Peace Garden Initiative Vice Patron Earth Focus Foundation Young Voices South Africa International Goodwill Ambassador Co-Chair Making a Difference Global Youth Summit

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