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mitchell forney

arizona, arizona, United States


Member since October 09, 2013

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    Rice & Sargent Corliss Engine The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering

    Thanks, Guys! I have a few "books" to write, but there's not enough time in a day! As to the work, yes, it's a big undertaking. Keep in mind, Steve was full time on this. I worked Saturdays and some vacation days, and evenings making missing parts and researching. Since the first couple of years, others have joined in, some are regulars, some come and go, but it really helps to have a club or team approach to this.

    Going into this, I knew it was going to involve a big commitment. I was working on some 7-1/4" gage live steam railroading projects, and building my home shop with side jobs, in between raising 5 kids. The kids were pretty much out of the nest, so it made room for this, but I still had to balance this with my home life and a business. What won out was the chance to work with the actual real thing, not a model or a replica.

    It had to be preserved, as a piece of steam history, as a piece of local history, and the story had to be told. It literally was dropped in our laps to do. At every turn of the project, the right amount of money or materials would appear in the nick of time. Every time we couldn't get an approval, someone came through with an alternative to keep the project alive. I will probably never know how many friends we had working behind the scenes on our behalf. While no one could accuse me of being overly devout, I do believe in God and I do beli...