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Sali Sasaki

Paris, France


Member since May 22, 2007

  • INDIGO - Indigenous Design Network

    Communication, Communication Design

    What is Indigenous design? The notion of indigenous and local design is frequently contested, hard won and usually indeterminate. It often includes themes of colonisation, migration, politics, language, history, identity and conditions such as the economy and natural resources. To address this notion and to further explore its meaning and interpretation throughout the world, INDIGO was born.

    About INDIGO INDIGO, the International Indigenous Design Network, is an open platform that connects designers worldwide in an effort to explore our understanding of indigenous design. It provides an online forum for sharing ideas and information, fostering discourse among participants, and contributing to the furtherance of indigenous and local design.

    Through its participants and projects, INDIGO seeks to gain some insight into what makes design distinctive to its home, the connections to the place where it is made and for whom it is made. As more and more designers work within a global context seemingly without borders, INDIGO provides an online medium for design practice as it contributes to the formation of national cultural identities.

    Join the network INDIGO is highly participatory and collaborative in its approach and welcomes contributions and commentary from designers everywhere. Everyone is encouraged to sign up, share news on current or future events, activities and research initiatives related to indigenous design and participate in the international dialogue. Individuals may connect with each other and explore collaborative opportunities and relationships through the network. INDIGO calls on designers to become actively involved.


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Sali Sasaki

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  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
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  • Audio/Visual Design