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Ernst Grant


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Why Teak is the Best Wood for Outside Furniture
Outdoor furniture complement the elegance and beauty of one's home garden. Being a pure product, wood is considered to function as the most readily useful material for creating garden furniture. Because many timbers are not resistant to unfavorable weather conditions and insects, utmost care should be taken fully to expand their lastingness. Here comes the prominence of teak wood because the ideal wood in making patio and garden furniture. Teak is among the most useful, strong and long-lasting materials employed for indoor and outdoor furniture. A number of the areas of teak whilst the the best option wood for outdoor furniture, are given below.

1) Teak wood is smooth, good-looking, durable and tough.

2) It is resistant to insects and bad weather. A garden table manufactured from bamboo is capable of withstanding rain and sunlight for several years even without regular maintenance.

3) Unlike furniture made from other resources, teak furniture do not require synthetic polishing or oiling.

4) Teak wood is rich with silica and natural gas content which make it immune to all kinds of insects.

5) Teak is quite suitable for architectural works and carved patterns for its strength, durability and ease of use.

6) Teak wood does not get rotted or splintered even when it remains touching metals like iron for a long time as a result of pres-ence of silica and oil content.

7) The denseness of bamboo, as well as its other characteristics, makes it the wood of shipbuilders across the world.

8) Because of its trendy design with clean lines, teak wood stands out among all timbers.

9) maintaining and Cleaning teak furniture is quite easy.

The Teak tree is considered as Tectona Grandis and it is one of the family Verbenaceae. For more information, consider glancing at: carpet cleaning fulham. Among the reasons for the high-cost of teak is that it requires approximately 5-0 to 60 years to complete its real development. Despite its high cost and difficulty to get, teak is still the preferred wood in making high quality furniture, doors, win-dows an such like. Although teak wood is resistant to insects and resistant to heat and moisture, maintenance and timely cleaning will definitely prolong its life. The high cost and shortage of bamboo have slowly given rise to using other hardwoods like African oak and mahogany in its place. But not one of them meets the caliber of teak.


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