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Abhishek Tongia

Pune, Maharashtra, United States

Software Designer and Film Maker

Member since May 22, 2007

  • Crafting Excellence - Results Thrashing Artists who are original

    Arts & Culture

    Hello Team,

    Crafting excellence results are out. And this time the trust on judges and jury has utterly broken. Either they dont know how to judge the entries or they are not aware what kind of images are floating over the net.

    The just had seen the criterias like Simplicity and Colors . They havent seen Originality of Idea at all. The Winners and Judges picks and many others are modified after taking pictures available over the internet. I am utterly thrashed by the judgement.

    The pictures selected were modified from already available pictures like

    and many others. I was not aware that I could also win just by modifying a little bit from downloaded pictures.

    Its not like, I havent won but I think the deserving artists were not recognized.

    Sorry to feel so , but it hurts that proper care and research was not done while judging the artwork.

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