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Georgette Glotfelty



Member since October 05, 2013

  • Sun Mergers and Acquisitions: Business Sale Process

    Community, Communication Design

    Management of the Business Sale Process We manage the business sale process from inception to completion. Key areas in which we add significant value are described throughout the phases below. Confidentiality Sun Merger & Acquisition, LLC has proactive methods to ensure a confidential business sale. Our partners and employees will not disclose a client’s identity or other confidential information without our client’s approval. Each descriptive brochure and marketing document only references a client number, in lieu of name or location, and receives full client approval before dissemination. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed by all potential acquirers. Precautions are taken to protect confidentiality in a way that would not be possible without our professional involvement. Defining Options and Exit Strategies A wide array of options are available when structuring a confidential business sale. Sun M&A works with the client to understand selling requirements and strategic goals. This includes defining: Exit strategy alternatives The most appropriate types of acquirers Valuation expectations Timing of sale Likely tax consequences Owner’s desire for future involvement with the company An outright sale of the company is not necessarily the best option. Other options include: retaining an equity stake in the business; selling to employees; identifying a working or investing partner; and other hybrids. We will help the client to understand t...
  • Planning a trip? Ask the crowd

    Community, Communication Design



    It's a familiar ritual among backpackers: ripping a chapter out of a thick Lonely Planet travel book as they move to a new destination, leaving the tattered pages at a hostel to lighten their load.

    But as more travelers turn to friends, Facebook and other online communities to plan their trips, the Lonely Planet paper trail has begun to shrink. In its place is a new crop of high-tech startup sites that use online crowdsourcing to offer real-time travel information and personalized recommendations.

    "There's no way I'm going to carry around a big thick book (about) China or Europe," said Shanti Christensen, a world traveler who calls San Francisco home. She wants to know what her friends are doing in those places, "because we all have similar traveling habits."

    Startups from Silicon Valley to India are building online portals where travelers can find ideas for their next destination, tips on the best places to eat and sleep, build itineraries and share their adventures. Crowdsourcing -- soliciting contributions from a large group of people -- has turned the average traveler into a travel adviser.

    "We look at what our friends say and we change our plans accordingly," said Henry Harteveldt, travel industry analyst at Hudson Crossing, a financial advisory firm in New York. "It boils down to two words: trust and credibility. If you know the person, if their perspective on how to travel is similar to yours, you'll give their insights mo...

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