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oceane tremblay

ontario, ontario, Canada

business man

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  • The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering

    Community, Environmental Design


    The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering

    The Site of the Great Exhibition Melbourne Exhibition Building - held in 1880 Below - A photo from 1900 - just 20 years on.

    The venue for this ~ Grand Exhibition ~ is still in existence in Melbourne today built in 1879 for this large event, being built in classic Victorian Architectural Style. It is located in Carlton - and in walking distance from the inner City of Melbourne. Due to its Age and Magnificent condition - it has a place on the UNESCO World Heritage Building list.

    The Exhibition Building today is used at regular intervals for many exhibitions including Art & Trade Shows and the Royal Agricultural Show. The Home Show and Car Show have been a regular event within this building for many years. The dome above, plus internal roof features are of special interest to visitors from all over the world, and the Great Exhibition Hall is a rare sight to behold with architectural value second to none. An aerial photo would be the only way to do justice to the enormity of this particular building. The building has beneath an immense basement used for its own building services and also storage. The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering

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