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Designer (Accessories)

Member since January 13, 2009 My friends call me Nuna. Briefly, I design textiles, print fabrics, choose colors and design patterns, but mainly I investigate with textures. I am interested in the natural raw materials of high quality like wool, silks, cotton, linen... but I do not discard using any material that can have interest because the investigation of new techniques is one of the bases of my fabrics.

My work could be framed within the textile Art. Each piece is unique, and it endorses a long process of design and elaboration.

It is 6 years now that I work felts. One day I knew a Japanese technique that it is obtained from the fusion of the silk and the wool, so smooth and light as a cloud and with a creation process in which your inner state influences as much as the materials you use do. It is a work that reflects at every moment who you are and how you feel, always growing and changing. I could never imagine that the fabric I have always dreamed about was a felt. It is weightless, it perspires, it is warm like wool and it is beautiful like silk. Its name: Nuno felt. Besides, its name is very similar to mine and with it we create very exclusive shawls, scarfs and jackets. I hope that you also feel it like I do and that you could share the emotions that wake up in me.


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Language Matters!

Arts & Culture, Communication Design

Posted January 19, 2009
By Rubén Saucedo

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NUNA Textil designer. nuno felt


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