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Daniel Cowan

yokohama, kanagawa, Japan

Member since January 13, 2009

  • Using design to solve and old problem in education




    I'm a teacher who has stumbled upon the world of design by accident. I picked up a copy of 'GOOD' magazine in an airport in Vancouver and was hooked. What struck me most was the obvious link between what designers do and what teachers know their students should be learning to do; solve real world problems. We call this kind of project an authentic assessment. I've been looking at ways that the design process is related to critical thinking and authentic assessment and I'm excited by what I've found. what do you think?

  • Most people find it hard to grasp but it's really quite simple when you think about it in basic terms. I think design will always directly inform an individuals decision as to how they judge an object/product/sign etc. It is interesting to think how this is linked to peoples social upbringing and surroundings, and how they will naturally relate and feel comfortable with a particular designed object. This in my opinion is what is at the core of all design - appropriateness. Everything is positioned to appeal to a particular audience.

  • Donald Schön makes for interesting related reading on this topic...

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