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Best Destination Wedding Planners in Delhi & Gurgaon Have you ever wondered where do all the happening people get married, if you have then you might have guessed the answer - Destination Weddings. Be it Europe, Maldives, India or even Paris, destination weddings are the rage in India. Let us take the example of a bride-to-be Rupali who is working in a Powerhouse MNC in Gurgaon but she lives in Delhi, she has a heavy duty pay package and she takes 2 expensive vacations in a year. Now if she is looking to get married, what do you think she will do? I know so let me spell it out for you below - a) Decide a great destination which happens to be within her and her groom's budget b) Decide which wedding planner she will choose for this lavish affair c) Decide who her close friends are who will frolic around during the wedding If you think there is a fourth point then you are mistaken. A well established wedding planner will make sure that she does not have to think of a fourth point. We have reached a stage where no matter how many guests you want to call, how many relatives want to get drunk or how many unexpected guests arrive, you will never land in a soup if your wedding coordinator is there to make sure that the entire marriage affair goes off smoothly. Glitzy parties, bachelor parties, pyjama parties, you name it the coordinator will manage it, a few things have to kept in mind for this important decision - a) The person should have an office and must not be a work from home b) The person should have past credentials that you can cross check c) The wedding planner should have a economically feasible way to calculate how much your wedding would end up costing you, remember, no guesswork, this will show that he/she has handled these tasks before and can be trusted to keep the marriage under budget. If Rupali was to ask any of her friends, they would tell her - "Yaar, why are you taking tension? Just hire somebody who will do it for you, you enjoy the wedding, it does not happen everyday". With such feedback from her friends Rupali can stay calm, hire the right person and move right ahead and enjoy her once-in-a-lifetime event which would be arranged and taken care of by somebody apart from her who will ensure she has a gala time during the 10 day long. wedding planner