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Sebastian Stuart

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since May 22, 2007

  • By it's own nature..


    In response to Internet as a Public Good, posted by George Eid,
    in the thread Internet as a Public Good


    Hi George,

    ..the internet is a network. A social thing, no one organisation can control the the whole. It was never designed for central control in the first place. Regardless the whole would rebuke such a motion. I feel it is in the use of the internet that defines its worth to the Public Good.

    The ability to communicate is the most essential and basic right of life. The internet provides this on a macro scale for the individual, the boom of social networking (ie. The ease thereof) and Blogging in such tsunami like levels, I can only see big business taking cup fulls from this tidal wave of usage. To season this recipe, we have groups like Linux and their Ubuntu product which provides tools for free to publish one's self on the web. The desire for free speech in the digital realm will prevail.

    No, the real money is in being an access provider, as you mentioned in your first thoughts. We all need an ISP, so the question should possibly be, are our ISP's being responsible in the provision of Public access to a increasingly essential tool in modern society? (As the tools for publication are freely available)

    ~ Seb.

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