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Jean-Pierre Rossie

Ghent, Belgium


Member since May 09, 2007

Jean-Pierre Rossie is a sociocultural anthropologist wandering between Sidi Ifni, Morocco and Ghent, Belgium. He was first trained as a social worker then engaged in studies on African ethnology at the University of Ghent (Ph.D. 1973). During his fieldwork on children’s socialization in the Tunisian Sahara (1975) he started his lifelong research on Saharan and North African children’s play, games and toys. Next to his scientific activites he has also been working in the social service for immigrants of the city of Ghent (1980-1989). He is publishing a series of books in the collection Saharan and North African Toy and Play Cultures (see He has a special interest in using children's play and toy culture for sociocultural and pedagogical action in Developing Countries and for intercultural and peace education in a Western context (see - publications: Rossie, 1984 & 2005).

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