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Roger Schwendeman

Beijing, Beijing, China

Asian Furniture Specialist

Member since December 30, 2008

  • Interesting Idea

    Arts & Culture

    In response to Presentation Review., posted by Michael Tsang,
    in the thread Presentation Review.


    Unfortunately right now here in mainland China, most middle class consumers are interested in western style furnishings rather then traditional Chinese designs. Our own business is in fact driven by the fact that people in the countryside can't wait to rid themselves of their "antique garbage" (in their own words) and replace it with cheap Ikea style designs - often poor reproductions of Ikea with additional bad taste elements added in. Mainland Chinese taste can be quite quirky sometimes.

    There are some exceptions and we do sell a fair number of reproductions in our local shop here, though again, these are more contemporary interpretations of Chinese designs, if anything. Traditional Ming styles are simply not particularly popular and what does sell is items like tables and TV stands which are really just contemporary items with some Chinese elements.

    For those that DO buy traditional style furniture (like Ming style) normally the emphasis is on the woods used (Chinese are connoisseurs of different hardwoods) more then anything else. These tend to be people with cash to spare, rather then the average city dweller.

    Your idea is still very interesting and holds a lot of possibility but I would focus less on the traditional aspects of the designs and more on making them a bit more contemporary.

    Also, there are some interesting designers her doing funny things like making wedding cabinets and horseshoe back chairs out of other materials stainless steel rather then wood. The effect is quite interesting

    Insiders guide to Chinese antique and reproduction furniture

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