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Ibsen Prater


Member since September 23, 2013

Realtones and Nametones, The Next Mobile Entertainment Hype?
A long, long time ago in a Nokia factory far far away the very first mobile cell phone was build. And with the delivery of this cell phone the first ringer was born: The Nokia Tune. That Nokia melody was the very first ringer of these all, and who would have guessed that it would produce a multi billion dollar business within the next few years..

The very first ringtone was the nokia beat, this ringtone was an easy one-melodic monophonic ringtone. And it produced a huge product to a -then- small industry. Nevertheless the market became greater and soon every one had a mobile cellular phone. Because everyone wanted his/hers own ringer to modify their phone and then the ringers became a big business. The monophonic ringtones were a huge boost in the music business and the follow-up polyphonic ringtones were a whole lot larger then those monophonic ringtones. The polyphonic ringtones industry grew and grew as there came more and more portable cellular phone users. And soon it absolutely was time for a fresh product to present to the market: realtones.. To discover more, people might fancy to check-out: apple customer service number.

Realtones are now the largest strike in Europe and Asia and will soon be in the united states as well. The newest mobile cell phones help realtones and mp3 looks. Realtones derive from mp3, and other music forms. They are no further simple midi documents. But true songs! From the true artists! The realtone is warm at the moment and is only getting hotter and hotter. Must be lot of phones still do not help them. Only the newest high-tech devices support realtones. In a few years when you can find no new mobile cell phones available that do not support realtones everybody will concentrate on the realtones. And e-commerce market will simply increase in the future of mobile entertainment. Realtones are already available all over the world, realtones sites are appearing on the net constantly. And the customers keep getting new realtones due to their portable cell phones. But the realtones still are rather expensive, they're even more expensive then your tracks acquired on Itunes and other online download retailers. In fact for the value of one realtone you might easily buy the entire song, and the realtone is 30 seconds of the song. Also a realtone costs two times as much as the polyphonic ringtone or the monophonic ringtone. But you may still find a lot of people buying them.

Another type of realtones are the nametones. Nametones are realtones where you receive called by your name. It is not just a real song of a well known artist but it is a song but with your name in it. Something it be picked by like: Hey Pete your cell phone rings, up!

You've differing types of nametones, there are pop nametones, bubblin nametones, hardcore nametones, r&b nametones and a lot more genres to pick from. But these nametones are mp3 based so that your mobile cell phone must help realtones to play them on your own mobile cell phone. Also the nametones are mostly the same value whilst the realtones.

So if you look at the past when the monophonic ringtones were a afterwards the polyphonic ringtones, and huge nonsense in the mobile entertainment business became huge. The nametones and realtones is going to be the following huge portable activity nonsense.