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yan dong

canada, AS, United States


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  • Barbara Stanwyck IMDB – What does the world’s most popular source for movies, television and the world of celebrities have to say about Ms. Stanwyck?

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    At the age of 19 came her first major Broadway break when the Canadian writer, producer and director Willard Mack cast her in his drama "The Noose", which became one of the biggest hit plays of the 1926 season. He identified an opportunity to change Ruby’s name to something perhaps more “starry”, combining two names that he had noticed in a playbill. Thus the names Barbara Frietchie and Joan Stanwyck were combined and the future headliner <a href="">barbara stanwyck</a> was born! This breakthrough led to very minor roles in silent films, her dancing experience being a good foundation for such roles such as “fan dancer”.

    I suppose that a likely question that would spring to mind when searching IMDb for good information on how many films someone like Barbara Stanwyck has appeared in would be where does the company running this resource make its money? Nothing is for free, in life or on the internet. A valuable resource such as this has to be supported and it seems that advertisers who place banners and links on the website are the key benefactors. Naturally IMDb hope that you will encourage this investment by external advertisers by clicking on the links provided. The main reason for visiting a database like this is to get the information that you require, but some people might be inclined to a little window shopping whilst there.

    There are similar database websites around the web – Wikipedia being a well-known example – and the question of where the information supplied to the likes of IMDb comes from is an often debated subject. Can you be sure, for example, that a burning question that you may have about <a href="">barbara stanwyck bio</a> can be answered accurately? The fact is that the information used comes from various sources. While information is gathered from and verified by studios and filmmakers, the bulk of the information to be found not only comes from the industry itself but also from the countless amateur film buffs at large.

    Good as it is though, IMDb is not an intelligent resource. For example, imagine a film buff is thinking “I'm looking for the title of a Barbara Stanwyck film from the 1940s but I can't remember the title...I wonder if they can help me. The answer to that is probably no. The data base boasts sophisticated search engines but it cannot respond to such a vague query. There will surely be a fellow IMDb user with the same passion for all things Barbara Stanwyck who will be able to help with an answer to that question.

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