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"designers^2 graphics"

thessaloniki, Greece

Member since December 20, 2008

  • photo art

    Arts & Culture


    photo #3

  • photo art

    Arts & Culture


    photo #2

  • photo art

    Arts & Culture


    just a series of photos mixing reality with imagination.....

  • photo project

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    just a photo for a project called abandon

  • the tree of life

    Environment, Environmental Design


    fsc contest partiicipation

  • language project

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Limba, sprak, kalba, govority, sprog, kiel, raal, govor, valoda, language, linguaje, mmolelo, bahasa. Language in a huge variety of languages

  • animal shelter

    Environment, Environmental Design


    forest is the shelter of the 2/3 of animal species on planet.Some of them are in danger because of our greed.Save the forests, protect the animals.FSC can work as their shield

  • fsc contest

    Environment, Environmental Design


    The situation has turned out so that man is the biggest danger for humanity! We think the whole planet and all it's creatures belong to us.We are killing animals for fun, polluting waters, destroying forests to built vacation houses.Deforestation is one of the biggest problems we are causing to the planet.Not only we will soon run out of oxygen resourses but also we are leaving many animal species homeless! Sustainable forestry is a solution at least to this problem.So this project is kind of an awareness to human beings.THINK what you are doing to nature! FEEL like a creature living on nature and depending on her! ACT to save everything you can! Use FSC approved products and the situation is on your hands too!!

  • fsc question


    does anyone knows how I can upload on my homepage my competition entries?

  • A month ago we had a disagreement with one of our professors about objectivity in graphics design.His opinion was that there is objective beauty in arts and only somebody who has the knowledge can judje if a piece of art is beutiful or not.But we kept saying that beauty is subjective and even the one with knowledge can judge the technical part but not the esthetic. Esthetic is different for everyone.Which side are you on boys????

Design is our way to tell everyone how we see the world

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  • Industrial Design
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