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Jenda Michl

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Designer (architecture)

Member since December 15, 2008

Design requires innovation. This mantra has served me well, leading me to work on buildings at the forefront of architecture, where any form is possible. My experiences with alternative and cutting edge design and construction methodologies are positioning me to pursue my vision of buildings sculpted by the natural forces of their exact location and microclimate, ensuring the best possible integration of building with nature. By melding design with sustainability in this way, I aim to contribute to architecture a true symbiotic relationship between design and sustainability, where both are more successful than they ever could have been alone; buildings as functional and beautiful as only nature itself could create.

I draw inspiration and knowledge from a life spent exploring nature, cultures, and architecture across the globe, including studies in Australia, Madagascar, and Prague. My professional development began with a BS in Environmental Studies and continued with a master's degree earned under renowned critics including Haig Beck and Roger Connah. I have supplemented my degrees with LEED accreditation, professional relationships at MIT and Harvard, as well as seats on final juries at Roger Williams University and the Boston Architectural Center. Adding to this my real world experience from offices in Dallas, Boston, and Los Angeles provides an excellent foundation to strike out on my own, creating buildings that will be functional sculpture, with logic underpinning each design decision while holding sustainability paramount.

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Buildings as Species?

Environment, Environmental Design

Can we attempt to view buildings (and I use this term loosely), as species within an ecosystem? As a...

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Don't be less bad, be good! Design and sustainability must synergize.

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