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  • The 7 best places to shop for eco-friendly products

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Going green has never been easier than ever.

    General Eco Shopping – There are online shops that offer basically almost every kind of green product that you can possible imagine. These “Genaral Eco Stores” are a perfect place to start out when you want to shop green. Here are two of our best picks:

    1. Greater Goods – The greater good store is a nice place to start your eco-shopping. From personal accessories. Kitchen stuff and books and guides it is easy buy things for an environment friendly life. We like their sections on Energy and Water savers as well as Waste Reducers. They are perfect to start making your home a “green” place.

    2. Green Apple – Based on the United Kingdom, the green apple website is also a good place to shop for eco products. Their cute and friendly interface is an attractive feature, while they sport a huge variety of categories for green products.

    Clothes – What you wear isn't really what people first think about when they want to shop green. Mostly people would think it is about wood, paper and environmentally friendly gadgets and cars. However clothes have a bid impact too on the environment. That is why there are clothes manufacturers out there that make their tshirts and dresses from 100% organic material. Here's our pick:

    1. Miss Voltage – This interesting store has a lot of nice and trendy designs for an eco clothes shop. Unlike the others we've seen that are more on the “hippie” era, Miss voltage has designs that can appeal to a mass market. Coupled with its sustainable and fast growing bamboo cotton and low impact t-shirt inks, it is a good way to buy “green clothes” that are trendy.

    Gadgets – One of the best ways to live green is to buy green gadgets. Since the advent of the digital age our insatiable energy consumption has had major consequence on our planet. Though it may be a small contribution, switching your “techy” lifestyle to greener pastures is a good way to contribute something for the environment. For green gadgets here's our pick.

    1. Eco Geek Living - This interesting store sports an extensive catalog of electronic gadgets that are powered by renewable resources, or have low impacts on the environment. From solar powered laptop charges to space age ant farms, they have it all.

    Green Office supplies – Imagine all the paper work that offices produce and eventually discard nowadays? Imagine all the red tape with forms and paperworks that people have to go through in their governments. That's a serious amount of paper being used and wasted. So its no surprise that there is a need to have some environmentally friendly office supplies. So here we found a place for you green minded office aficionados.

    1. The Green Office – The green office has everything you need at the office but greener. From recycled paper, pens, furniture and even janitorial supplies, you can make your office the greenest workplace that you can possible imagine.

    Eco Toys – Why not start your children early? Let them play with environmentally friendly toys? Some entrepreneurs have thought to design fun and educational toys that help the environment and make children aware of some of the issues nature is going through. Of course the dangers of plastics and other materials on our children's toys (especially from certain countries) make naturally made eco toys highly recommended these days. Here's our pick for eco toys:

    1. Hazelnut Kids – We like hazelnut kids because they offer natural toys. Something that kids can really play without all the risks that plastics and other harmful chemicals have to offer. It is a “back to basics” kind of strategy that is perfectly suited for the environment.

    Tree Friendly Furniture – Wood is a valuable commodity. A lot of buzz is going on these days about furniture sourced from sustainable forests. You don't have to buy chairs and tables that come from virgin woodland that won't ever be regrown. Tree friendly furniture are available now that comes from sustainable resources. In the United states we found one such tree friendly furniture store.

    1. Vermont Woods – This shop has a fine selection of handmade wood furniture based on several trees. These are sourced from sustainable forests that is perfect for any environmentally conscious consumer. Their designs are great as well.

    With all these options it is easy to go green in almost every aspect of your lifestyle. You'll be helping our planet and you'll be investing on our children's future. Just be sure to spread the word so that everyone can participate.

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