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Caen, France

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since December 02, 2008

  • languages matter problem

    Communication, Communication Design

    i simple critic about the system for voting . there are about 1400 posters to see for the Languages Matter ! competition, can you imagine the time to spend? 3h? more?

    the problem is that i am sure i miss very good one but it is too much posters to look, and we should be carreful also before we cant return back ! :(

    this system is not a good solution, there are so many bad posters that we loose time. give us a total view of all the design will be nice idea to select the best posters.

    and for the participants : before to send a poster make a critik of your design, some are very very bad, nothing clever in the ideas, very bad taste of colors, of typography, too much effects for no effective result, it is looks like people having fun for the first time with photoshop. sometimes the enthousiasm is not sufficient.

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