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  • operable partition(operable wall ,movable partition,movable wall).

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Sliwal is a China owned and operated and is a professional manufacturer of operable partition(operable wall ,movable partition,movable wall).Sliwal integrates partition ′s development,design,production,sales and aftersales service. Sliwal movable wall systems deliver unlimited space division and acoustical flexibility.

    Currently Sliwal products have been extensively applied to star hotels meeting room and ballroom, schools, convention centers, multi-function hall , trainning room and other facilities.The Sliwal quality, reliability,competitive price and service have won good requtation from architects,contractors,engineers and interior designers throughout the country.

    You are welcome to contact Sliwal whether you need new partition to create more flexibility in your facility, or you have other enquries; We are ready to guide you to the movable wall to your particular needs.

    Cut off the activities of the following features: 1, free to fly to orbit: the floor without the track, the track will be installed only on the ceiling;

               2, the security and stability: cut off after a solid and reliable, easy swing; 
               3, environmental noise: the effect of noise, the biggest noise factor of up to 50dB; 
               4, energy-saving insulation: excellent insulation properties, according to an attendance rate, the large space divided up into small space, air-conditioning to reduce power consumption; 
               5, high-fire: the production of high-performance materials, fire, fire a good performance; 
               6, beautiful generous: any surface decoration, with the reunification of the indoor decorative effect; 
               7, flexible strengths: partition strengths being, and promote flexible, a person can be cut off to complete the whole process; 
               8, to facilitate collection: The collection plate, the partitions can be hidden in special storage cabinets, does not affect the overall appearance; 
               9, widely used: wide range of applications, can be applied to the Chamber, an exhibition hall, restaurants, high-clean factories and offices, and other places;

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operable partition(operable wall ,movable partition,movable wall

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