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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since November 07, 2008

  • What Does Color Say About You?

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Color Effects Your Mood

    Your mother actually knew what she was doing when she choose the color pink for the carpet in your childhood bedroom. Pink has a calming effect and is considered very tranquil; which is why you were sent to your room full of pink carpet after throwing your weekly temper tantrum.

    Throughout history, color has been used in various ways. The Native American Indians, as well as the Egyptians used color for healing. Graphic design and marketing companies use color to invoke an emotion or a suggestion from their clients’ target audiences.

    Choose Color Carefully

    When choosing the right colors for your corporate logo or brochure design, we at Full Moon Design Group take in consideration what image you want to portray. Colors help define how your corporation is perceived.

    Red is the most energetic and attention-getting color. It is associated with love, danger, speed, strength, anger and violence. Blue is the most stable color and reflects reliability, loyalty and cleanliness. It can actually reduce body temperature and slow down the heart rate. Black represents many things such as mystery, fear, power, death and wealth. Think of common terms associated with Black, i.e. Black Monday. Green is considered by many as their favorite color. It represents good luck, the environment, renewal, growth, etc. It can, however, also represent envy and jealousy. Yellow represents happiness, joy and sunshine. Too much of it, though, can cause anxiety. T...

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