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Denton, TX, United States


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  • Falling Whistles

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design

    Responding to such a story is never easy. We have struggled ourselves. But take a lesson from the Titu boys - share.
    Tell their story.
    The violence continues in Congo, but at this very moment, there are Congolese artists who are pulling former child soldiers into a creative community of rehabilitation. They call themselves YOLE as a rallying cry for peace. They are our partners and our inspiration. Around the world, the sound of a whistle demands STOP. PAY ATTENTION.
    It is the Symbol of Justice. Ask the same of your friends. Be a whistleblower.

    Veritas and The Veritas Project support and are hoping to raise awareness to anyone with ears and a heart to the atrocities that are happening every day in Congo. Please got to read the story of Sean Carasso and his heart wrenching journey. The book is coming soon, but Sean needs your voice, your hope and your breath; to be a whistle blower.

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The Veritas Project is a non-profit organization created to provide humanitarian efforts worldwide through creative individuals.

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