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Carli Pierce

Brooklyn, United States

Member since October 24, 2008

  • What would you ask Chad Rea?



    We received some really interesting question nominations for Valerie Casey of the Designers Accord. Be sure read her responses in this week's featured interview.

    Now, what would you ask Chad Rea, founder of ecopop?

    Conscious consumerism is emerging with quite a momentum, and part of its recognition can be attributed to the self-proclaimed, "innovation-collective," ecopop, which merges ecology and pop culture to bring conscious consumerism out of the exclusive fringe and into the accessible mainstream. ecopop creates, markets, and co-owns ventures that value global responsibility.

    The brains behind ecopop is Chad Rea. Inspired by his own creation of Project Hello, a zero-budget homeless philanthropy project that now spans 30 countries, visionary ad agency founder and creative director Chad Rea left behind a successful career in brand communications to focus his unique creative problem solving talents on problems that matter in the world. Now he is ready to share his thoughts with us. This is your chance — what do you want to ask him?

    Respond here with your questions to Chad Rea by August 5!

  • Most K-12 schools don't include much design education in their curriculum. Many are confuse about whether design should be a topic taught by art teachers or by technology education teachers. How early do you think design education should be introduced in K-12 education?

    • Do you think people need this element of pop in order to value global responsibility? If so, why?

    • Do you ever fear that by bringing responsible brands into the relm of pop, the whole green consumerism will just fade like other trends?

    • What do you predict the future of this whole "green branding" trend we are seeing everywhere will look like say 15 years down the road?

  • Nachos_177_

    oh...and will you be my partner?

  • Hi,

    in my short experience, I see a common problem in communications of most organizations, special if its small and proactive: when the comunicate they do it targeting already "convinced" people, wich are in the same group or tendence, usually their "pairs", in other words, members of the same tribal group.

    how we change this tendence? how we convert any activist in a multiplied communicator?



  • What's your favorite example of visually beautiful design that's ecologically disastrous?

    What's your favorite example of ecologically smart design that's aesthetically disastrous?

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