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Hikari Qing



Member since September 13, 2013

  • Every person has dreamt of owning a home. For many of us who still have this unfulfilled need, here are some valuable recommendations from Haney Garcia. She and her company consider it their commitment to “discover your future”. They are:

    • List down your non-negotiable needs What does this mean? What are negotiable? They simply our unique dream features, such as where you want your home to be, whether in a particular city or beside a lake or a two-storey deal and others. Of course, some of these may end up being sacrificed I favour of price considerations eventually; so make sure your non-negos are realistic.

    • Determine a price range This is where the initial test comes whether you can ascertain the delivery of your must-haves or not. Targeting a house, for example, in a pricey subdivision or residential area may instantly disqualify you based on your price range. Don’t’ despair! Price is not the final determinant for making a dream a reality. Scouting around may give you even more than you might have imagined. Location and accessibility are great factors to consider in buying a house; but there are others that may provide you other benefits and perks; such as accessibility or proximity to your children’s schools, to hospitals, to recreation area and other places you might like to be close to.

    • Contact a lender and obtain a pre-approval letter This will allow you to determine how much you might be able to borrow form that lender and the payment terms. Arme...

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