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Little and Loud

Sydney, Australia

Member since October 22, 2008

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    Read article here:,27574,24641217-5018293,00.html readers have raised more than $3600 to help the children of Fote in the Solomon Islands in our "Adopt a Village" crowdfunding project.

    The sum achieves the first four targets and gives the kids a Christmas celebration with a movie screening under the stars as well as buying much needed sporting equipment, art supplies and new library books for their falling down school.

    By 3.30pm yesterday the total had hit $2522 from 98 individual donations, with most giving between $10 and $20.

    By the same time today the total was at $3680 from 136 donations.

    Crowdfunding is a means to raise money through the networking powers of the web and gives even the smallest donations real power. It has been effective in – amongst other things – helping put Barack Obama in the White House.

    This year’s Christmas drive is being organised through the work of charity Little and LOUD, which was started earlier this year by three young women determined to make a difference after visiting the island settlement.

    Little and LOUD communications director Michelle Roldan, 25, said the media partnership with had been vital to kickstarting the project which aims to raise $10,000 before the team head back to the village on December 20 with their Christmas gifts.

    “The support has been overwhelming,” Ms Roldan, 25, said. “We didn’t expect to hit our first milestone on the first day....

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    Little and LOUD partnered with one of Australia's largest media companies (News Digital Media) to launch a fundraising campaign that aims to raise more than $10,000.

    Read our articles, watch our videos and view our photos at:

    The money will go directly to the organisation's first project; providing sporting equipment, art material and repairing a primary school in a remote village located in the Solomon Islands, a small island country located east of Papua New Guinea.

    Founded in June 2008, the organization began as a response to what started off as a holiday and turned into a life enriching and life changing experience for three travellers and close friends. Little and LOUD is dedicated to advocating for the free expression of children and youth through story telling and creative communication. We seek to assist institutions for children and youth in providing quality learning and playing environments while building relationships between communities that break boundaries and prejudices.

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Giving voices to marginalized children through the power of creative media

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