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Little and Loud

Sydney, Australia

Member since October 22, 2008

Little and LOUD is a non-profit organization advocating the empowerment of children and youth while encouraging cultural awareness and communication across geographic and social borders. We are dedicated to assisting institutions for marginalised youth and forging global friendships by using the power of creative media and storytelling.

Mirjam Verkleij, Rhoda Lazo and Michelle Roldan are three travellers and three friends from three different continents who combined their passion for community, technology and creativity to create Little and LOUD International after an unplanned but life enriching experience in the Solomon Islands in June 2008.

Our manifesto:

  1. All children are equal regardless of social, physical, economic, political, geographic disparities
  2. All children have the right to proper health care and primary education
  3. Stories are cultural legacies to be honoured, shared and preserved

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Giving voices to marginalized children through the power of creative media

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