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Bridget Parris

Brooklyn, United States

Senior Studio Thesis Instructor Parson's School of Design

Member since October 10, 2008

  • Bone Products


    In response to Mid Review Feedback, posted by Leah Waldman,
    in the thread Mid Review Feedback

    Leah Unfortunately I can't read your board, even when I click on the link - can you send me the information another way? I'd like to read what you have written. Reading the feedback you received, I am concerned that you haven't done enough research into what types of bone products are currently in the market. Many companies sell product made of bone in a wide range of items and it is very well accepted as a material in the consumer market - it is already common in high-end stores. I know I mentioned this to you in the ceramic shop, but I have designed product for Anthropologie made of bone as lampbases, hardware (drawer knobs, and doorknobs), mirrors, and frames and boxes. You can see many of these items in the Anthropologie Store at Rockefeller Center if you go shopping. You should also go to Barney's, Bergdorf's, Calypso Home, John Derian and ABC Carpet and Home. There are other companies that sell bone salad servers, flatware handles, and jewelry (bangle bracelets being one item). I wouldn't exactly say that bone is an unknown material in the American market.


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