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Bridget Parris

Brooklyn, United States

Senior Studio Thesis Instructor Parson's School of Design

Member since October 10, 2008

  • More thoughts about outlets


    In response to interesting idea about plugs...., posted by steven landau,
    in the thread Blue Sky Concepts

    Serdar It could also be that you design a new surge protector that "wears" your innovation, and that this surge protector is the new purchase for existing buildings - this way we don't need to replace existing outlets. You could also design new outlets for anyone with a new construction to install. Could be great. As always, I love your drawings and I think that many of your ideas could be worked up into some fantastic new products. I love the idea of capturing motion energy in living creatures, whether that be birds or ourselves as we talked about in class. I also think you can combine many of these ideas into your thesis project - you could develop a line of products instead of just one item which I would be excited to see.

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